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You feel ready, it's your moment but, something goes wrong, you don't manage to give as much you would have liked or as you could have.

Why does this happen? Sometimes it is something imponderable and therefore not under your control, but more often, almost always, it is a matter of preparation. But I'm not talking about physical or technical / tactical preparation. I'm talking about mental preparation. I'm talking about training your mind to better manage your emotional states and your thinking strategies, so as to be at the maximum of your true potential and be able to finish your performance with a single thought in your head: "I won! Because I gave everything that I was able and wanted to give. " This is the task of an effective Mental Coach: to get you to be always in the right mental conditions to give your very best.

My mission is to help you rediscover the alignment between your true potential and the value you express on the field and during your every performance.

Mental Coach
The ability of an athlete to control the mental component is fundamental in order to best express his / her potential. At a certain level, what makes the difference between great athletes and "ordinary" professionals is that the former are not only mentally strong, but they see things a little faster than the others, succeeding in managing internal and external pressure better.

Now, think of a time when you found yourself under pressure or things were going wrong, or when you found yourself comforting and helping a teammate or colleague.

Think of the most common phrases in each discipline: "stop thinking and play, concentrate, relax, empty your mind, there's still time, keep calm, let's play as if we were nil-nil, don't get nervous, don't give up now, forget about it... "

Phrases that have been repeated since time immemorial on every sports field, at any level. There are those who under pressure manage to give it their all, perfectly controlling their mental state and their emotions, and there are those who sink sharply.

So if every sport is dominated by the mind, why not train with the same intensity with which you train your body?

Fausto Donadelli
Mental Coach specialized in supporting sporting, professional and personal performances, in order to improve quality of life.

Expert in the knowledge of the mental mechanisms through which reality is elaborated and of the processes that regulate motivation and communication (both in internal dialogue and in communication with others), in order to enormously improve the relationship both with oneself and with others and the ability to make the most of one's own resources.

He is currently one of the leading sports Mental Coaches in Italian-speaking Switzerland and one of the few to work with professional athletes all over the world.

He has been collaborating for over 18 years with athletes and coaches of different sports disciplines (both individual and team), to achieve significant results in national and international competitions.

Among his various clients are sports clubs, professional athletes and youth potential in different disciplines (hockey, football, tennis, cycling, volleyball, figure skating, golf, light athletics, artistic gymnastics, swimming, basketball, etc.)

Zoran Josipovic
(Professional Player @ FCK Beroe Stara Zagora)
I felt great affinity with Fausto.
With him I got my career back on track and it is still going very well. Obviously it is always you that has to take action, nobody does magic, but it is with Fausto that I found inside of me that which for a few years had remained hidden.

Elvis Merzlikins
(NHL Professional Player @ Columbus Blue Jackets)
Thanks to him I learned mental strength, how to move forward, learning to maintain that concentration and constancy that allowed me to realize my greatest dream: to play in the National Hockey League; so I can safely say that he is an excellent mental coach and that I absolutely recommend him.

Caterina Cereghetti
(Gymnast of Italian National)
For me mental coaching is a fundamental element of sport, as for me the head helps perhaps even more than physique, and therefore a good physical and mental preparation is necessary. I feel comfortable with Fausto because he has a great sensitivity for understanding the "problems" that concern me and together we are then able to find a solution, with excellent results.

Matteo Tosetti
(Professional Player @ Fussballclub Thun 1898)
I will always be grateful to him for the work he has done so far and that which he will do in the future.
Fausto has become a friend to me, someone truly reliable, who is always there, who can quickly understand the situation in which one finds oneself and identify the right countermeasures and solutions; and for a sportsman this is really essential.

Nicole Pulcini
(Professional Player @ Volley Lugano)
I got on really well with Fausto because he was always able to put me at ease and allow me to be myself in all respects. Collaborating with him allowed me to rediscover one of my most important aspects as a player that unfortunately I was about to lose, thus regaining confidence in myself and in my skills. I am grateful for his helpfulness and collaboration.

Stefano Guidotti
(Professional Player @ FC Lugano)
Mental coaching is an experience for improving yourself without setting any limits, but to do so it is essential to find the right person to work with.
A person with whom you are not afraid to show your weaknesses, so that you can always challenge yourself and improve.
Personally, I'm sure I found the right person in Fausto.

Karin Palgutova
(Professional Player @ Vandœuvre Nancy Volley-Ball)
I definitely saw a difference in my game the sessions with Fausto.
He helped me to find the necessary serenity thanks also to the breathing exercises that were very useful, such that I consider myself satisfied with the sessions, believing Fausto to be effective in his work.

Michela Brioli
(Professional Player  @ Pro Volley Modica)
An individual of the highest level, a professional in everything he does, friendly and always kind. My time with him made me change a lot in a positive way and I don't only mean in terms of volleyball but also on a human level. I can safely say that I realized that thanks to him something changed.

Roland Habisreutinger
(Head of Sports & Competition @ HC Lugano)
The goals set for the season were ambitious and not easy on paper, nevertheless they were achieved, getting our players to focus more and be more competitive.
I can say, that Mr. Fausto Donadelli is a person investing himself a lot, without counting hours into his duties, and we can highly recommend his skills as a mental and/or motivation coach.

Tazio Peschera
(Professional Coach B UEFA)
His collective intervention immediately brought great benefits to the group, which were then evident on the field in terms of the result. I can therefore confirm that I have had great positive feedback from my players as his simple but highly effective approach has been able to 100% rekindle the flame in each and every one of them. Thanks Fausto!

Eric Walsky
(Assistant Coach U18 SIHF)
Fausto has a profound ability to read and understand people and a strong desire to be able to help them concretely. He doesn't tell you how you should feel or how to deal with it, it is up to you to reflect deeply, confident that he will take you exactly where you need to go, because the problem is within you and it is up to you to solve it. Thanks Fausto!

Letizia Martinelli
(Juniors Swiss National Triathlete)
"Mental training" may not seem so important but, to be able to give your best, the help of a mental coach can make all the difference. I have learned, and am still learning, to better manage emotions before, during and after a competition. To be able to concentrate better and many other things that allow me to come to the competition more ready than I was before I met Fausto.

Ursula Wengenroth Martinelli
(International Water Polo Referee)
Thank you Fausto for your professionalism and your sensitivity, which allow you to read the soul of every single person and not try to lock someone in predefined stereotypes, treating in the same way both the sportsman who earns millions and the boy who "steals" time for his sport from his free time, from school, from entertainment or from a night's sleep. I beg you never to change!

Axel Leone
(Elit Hockey Player @ U20-Elit Hockey Club Lugano)
Fausto accompanied me in both my sporting and educational development. Since I started working with him, I have learned to believe in myself, improving in various areas: hockey, personal and professional. Now I'm the player I always believed I was, with an important responsibility in the team.
The work we have done and that we are still doing has improved everything in my life.
Within sports, mental coaching is often seen as a quick fix to problems that can only have short-term benefits. Coaches and athletes employ sports psychologists and mental coaches to "solve a problem", giving themselves generally 2 or 3 months and, when the problem is not resolved within these times, the mental coach or psychologist is usually the first person to blame.

But mental coaching does not only aim to improve athletic performance - in fact it plays a very important role also in terms of developing interventions that help to protect the mental health of the athlete subjected to the pressure associated with elite sport. It can also involve the teaching of skills and behavioral strategies which are transferable such that athletes can also use them in work and family life.

Coaches and athletes must overcome the idea that the benefits of mental preparation are only for the short term, or that it is only useful when experiencing problems or things are not going well.

I often hear people say, "I have no problems so why should I need a mental coach?". First of all, it shouldn't be a need but a will, and secondly it is not only useful for helping when things go wrong, but also for anticipating and learning to manage one's success.

That's why many athletes see a mental coach every week or on a regular basis: to find out how basic tools such as goal setting, visualization, self-efficacy, relaxation skills and self-dialogue can help improve their performance, and thus learn to become the best possible athlete as well as the best person.
Fausto Donadelli
mental coaching in sport, business and health care
6900 Lugano, Svizzera

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Sport Mental Coaching by Fausto Donadelli
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